Composing is creating balance between sound and silence


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Lost & Found

January 3 - 2014 @
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

Forma, a composition for the micro-tonal fokker organ, will be played during the Lost & Found meeting.

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STEIM Modular Month

January 18 & 19 - 2014 @

Workshop about modular synthesis hosted by
STEIM & Danny de Graan.

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With(out) Words - Premiere

February 1 - 2014 @
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

With(out) Words, a composition for iPad and ensemble will be premiered by ensemble Lunapark.

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Spontaneous and open-mindend, forging connections between diverse soundworlds and a unquenchable urge to create most definitely typify composer, Danny de Graan (1973).

De Graan is a composer who regularly looks over the hedge of classical music. In fact, he hails from its proberbial neighbors. Having started as one half of a techno duo (a genre in which he is still active as Dan Grain), he is now actively building on a wayward body of work. Averse to thinking in rigid categories, often for exciting instrumental combinations, electronics, and unusual sound sources.


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Face It - a facebook opera.

A mini opera about facebook and it effects of there users.
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Connect?! - playing a virtual instrument

A video camera is used as an instrument which is played live on stage.
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Ballonnenveld - a sound installation

Balloons are part of a audio feedback loop to produce sound.


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A software app for emulation the microtonal Fokker organ based in Amsterdam
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MCV4 Programmer

A simple software editor for the Doepfer MCV4 CV/Gate interface
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P600 Spirit Editor

A software editor for the Prophet 600 synthesizer by Sequencial Circuit which has been upgraded with
P600fw by GliGliSynth