by Danny de Graan

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The MINIMOOG Concerto Project

The Minimoog is considered by many to be the most iconic synthesizer in existence. It has been used in dozens of musical hits in both the pop, rock and jazz scene, so probably everyone has heard a Minimoog. The spiritual father and inventor of the Minimoog, Robert Moog, created the synthesizer back in 1970. In 2016, the Minimoog was taken back into production for a short time by Moog Music and thus joined many of the world's traditional instruments.

Whats remarkable in the history of the Minimoog is that in one way or another this famous synthesizer has been skipped by the modern classical world. Wendy Carlos once made "Switched On Bach" with a Moog synthesizer but that was playing existing work. Never before has a concerto been composed for this special instrument.

This year I'm composing a MINIMOOG Concerto for ensemble Insomnio. The Concerto will be premiered during the Gaudeamus Music Week 2020.

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History of the MINIMOOG

Invented by Moog Music founder Robert Moog and manufactured between 1970 and 1981, the Minimoog contains all the essential parts of a modular synthesiser in one relatively small package. Though large by today’s standards, most synthesisers before the Minimoog were enormous. Some, like the RCA Mark II, filled entire rooms.
Moog’s Minimoog managed to pack four signal generators, a filter and an amplifier into one small box. The oscillators could generate several waveforms, and the instrument’s interface allowed players to combine them in several ways, creating entirely unique sounds. Understandably, this appealed to adventurous musicians everywhere.
The drawbacks were the lack of a memory for saving presets, meaning players had to rely on their own memory or detailed notes to bring back a sound they had once created. But since no synthesisers had this function throughout most of the Minimoog’s run, most players did not mind.

Composition News

During the composing period I will place here photo's, video's and text about my progress, techniques e.a..

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Deadline Composition

No date yet

First rehearsal MINIMOOG Concerto by Insomnio


Premiere at Tivoli/Vredenburg Utrecht during Gaudeamus Music Week 2019

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